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Dhyana 9K TDI

The Dhyana 9KTDI adopts a new generation of back-illuminated TDI CMOS technology, with a spectral response capability of 200-1100nm, which can be used in the fields of ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared imaging; TDI technology brings extremely high SNR in Low light applicaiotns , and the high-speed line frequency of up to 510kHz@9K can greatly improve the visual detection efficiency.


Resolution: 9072x256

Pixel Size: 5μm x 5μm

Effective Area: 45.36 x 1.28

Speed: 510kHz @ 9K

QE: 82%@550nm



Refer to“Support”→“Software support”


Dhyana Camera Quick Start  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Software--Mosaic 1.6.8 windows  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--Labview ( with user guide )  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--Matlab ( with user guide )  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--MetaXpress ( with user guide )  EXE Download  ZIP Download