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HD Lite

With the new 1/2.5-inch 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, the new HD Lite color camera delivers more faithful, clear images. HD Lite can be connected to a monitor with HDMI port directly and users can operate it easily. Compared to the traditional cooled CCD, HD Lite improves the image data transfer efficiency up to 400%. Supplied with the TrueChrome Retina Screen as an accessory, HD Lite can bring you the most stunning color reproduction.


Clearer images

Perfect Color Reproduction



1. Connect the camera with 12V/2A power adapter. When the power line is inserted, the red light will on, then press ON/OFF key until the blue light is on, the camera will start; 2. Connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable, without the need to install the camera driver; 3. Install TCapture software to control the camera.


1. Connect the two ends of the HDMI cable to the HDMI interface of the camera and the screen. 2. Connect the 12V/2A power adapter to the Y power splitter cable, and connect the two ports respectively to the power outlet of the camera and screen; 3. Use the mouse to access the camera's USB port and directly control the camera; 4. Insert SD card; 5. Control the opening and closing of the camera by pressing the ON/OFF key.


The Truechrome Series Brochure  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Retina Screen Installation manual  PDF Download  ZIP Download