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Dhyana95 V2

Dhyana 95 V2 adopts Tucsen’s new technology and performance standard. The smallest dimension among peers for scientific imaging makes it perfect for demanding compact space. The water-cooling method and CameraLink interface apply the camera for conditions requiring high stability.


95% ultra-high quantum efficiency

2" Sensor area

11um x 11um pixel size

100Ke- full-well capacity

Air/Water coolling




Refer to“Support”→“Software support”


Dhyana95 V2 Brochure  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Mosaic 1.6 Software Introduction  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Dhyana Camera Quick Start  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Software--Mosaic 1.6.8 windows  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--Labview ( with user guide )  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--Matlab ( with user guide )  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--MetaXpress ( with user guide )  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--Micromanager ( with user guide )  EXE Download  ZIP Download