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Dhyana 400DC

By combining their legendary color processing technology with the capabilities of the latest generation SCMOS sensors, Tucsen have created a paradigm shift in color camera performance. The launch of the Dhyana 400DC, thanks to its sensitivity, perfect color reproduction and impressive noise minimization, results in a new capability which has formerly been unavailable in the field of scientific imaging.


High Sensitive color

Perfect 16bit color reproduction

Peltier cooled device



Refer to“Support”→“Software support”


The Dhyana 400DC Brochure  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Mosaic 1.6 Software Introduction  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Dhyana Camera Quick Start  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Software--Mosaic 1.6.8 windows  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--Matlab ( with user guide )  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--MetaXpress ( with user guide )  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--Micromanager ( with user guide )  EXE Download  ZIP Download