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TrueChrome Metrics

TrueChrome Metrics built-in digital image measurement system integrates freehand lines, rectangle, polygon, circle, bicircle, angle and point-line distance ect. Measurement tools which will meet multiple measurement requirements in different applications. And the unprecedented calibration and magnification functions make the measurements more convenient and simple.


1.Integrated digital Image measurement System

2.Multiform measurement tools

3.Micron level measurement accuracy

4.Measurement for various applications

5.Convenient measurement data management

6.The continuation of the TrueChrome II’s heritage



1. Connect the camera with 12V/2A power adapter. When the power line is inserted, the red light will on, then press ON/OFF key until the blue light is on, the camera will start; 2. Connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable, without the need to install the camera driver; 3. Install TCapture software to control the camera.


1. Connect the two ends of the HDMI cable to the HDMI interface of the camera and the screen. 2. Connect the 12V/2A power adapter to the Y power splitter cable, and connect the two ports respectively to the power outlet of the camera and screen; 3. Use the mouse to access the camera's USB port and directly control the camera; 4. Insert SD card; 5. Control the opening and closing of the camera by pressing the ON/OFF key.


Retina Screen Installation manual  PDF Download  ZIP Download
TCapture Software Introduction  PDF Download  ZIP Download
The Truechrome Metrics Brochure  PDF Download  ZIP Download